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Both Audrey Keohane and Megan Rogers traveled together to Dublin, Ireland and attended the University of College Dublin during the Fall 2017 semester. Audrey & Megan are roommates and brothers, both at Bentley & abroad.



“Being a homebody, I was extremely nervous to live thousands of miles away from my friends and family but I quickly realized it was the best decision I could make. It was a time away from the challenges of heavy coursework and hectic schedules that come with being an involved student on Bentley campus. Going abroad gave me freedoms I had never experienced before (while I’m free to do what I want at Bentley, I probably could not afford a weekend trip to Rome). While abroad, you are exposed to new culture, new people and new adventures that you will most likely never be able to have the chance to experience again. It may have been hard to take the initial leap, but I am so happy to have had this once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever!” - Audrey Keohane

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“While studying abroad can be an amazing experience for a lot of people, it was made that much better by traveling with our brothers. Not only did we travel together as roommates and pledge bros, but even Lambda Tau alumni visited us in Ireland, and any question we had was easily answered by one of our many brothers who have also traveled afar. While we were sad to leave our home in Dublin, we looked forward to getting back to our Chapter and meeting our new brothers.” - Megan Rogers


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