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As a professional fraternity, one of our main focuses is on professional development. Every semester we host events geared toward helping our brothers succeed, so that, no matter what stage our brothers are at professionally, they are better prepared for their career when they leave Bentley University. Our alumni and active brothers all play a role in helping our current brothers grow professionally.

"Professionalism is at the forefront of what we do in Delta Sigma Pi. Over the past year, I have gained valuable connections with business professionals and like-minded students, which has undoubtedly helped me as I enter the professional field. I will forever be grateful for the professional growth DSP has given me."

Dimple Patel - Vice President of Professional Activities Fall 2023


Lambda Tau recognizes the need to give back to the community around us and do so in every way possible. Over the years, we have hosted various community service events including Dunkin' DSP, Pie a Pi and fundraising for breast cancer awareness month. From the different events we host to those we partake in, we seek to uphold our social responsibility for our community by participating actively. 

"Delta Sigma Pi has given so much to me that I've always hoped to give back by serving as the Vice President of Community Service. I've continued my passion for community service in higher education and surrounded myself with individuals who are as passionate as I am by virtue of DSP. Creating events that cater to organizations and causes important to me is impactful and thrilling since I get to see my passion for community service unfold with my fellow Brothers."

Evelyn Fuentes - Vice President of Community Service Fall 2023


Although we are a professional fraternity first, the importance of brotherhood is a close second and paramount to many Brothers in the fraternity. Whether it be through chapter-wide game nights or just hanging with a couple of brothers on the Greenspace, you will create friendships that last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on being Deltasigs. even after you leave Bentley University, you will be a lifelong brother.

"Here at Lambda Tau, we strive to build lifelong friendships, and foster relationships that build a better college experience. To me, brotherhood is the ability to count on any of my brothers for anything, anywhere!"

Rajveer Singh - Chancellor Fall 2023


Our Fraternity is uniquely committed to diversity. As a naturally diverse organization, we believe that individuals and organizations benefit from a wide range of perspectives, and we cultivate a culture of respect that broadens our viewpoints and makes us stronger and more effective leaders in our fields. Our training and events focus on fostering respectful standards that are inclusive yet principled.

"To me Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requires curiosity and compassion. Curiosity for the people and cultures that are not one’s own and compassion for those stepping out of their comfort zone to learn and for those who are sharing the realties of their culture and identities."

Jordyn Garrett - Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fall 2023

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