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The brothers of the Lambda Tau chapter have studied abroad in numerous places around the world, such as Europe, Asia, and Australia, and have gained invaluable skills that helped enhance their education and career opportunities. 

Check out some of our Brother's stories below and some tips/advice on studying abroad!

Fall 2021

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Arjun Loke

Country: United Kingdom

School: London School of Economics and Political Science

Favorite Thing about Abroad:  Being able to go to soccer games (Specifically Arsenal)

Area Recommendation:  All of Europe. Highly recommend traveling in general if you're in Europe.

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Be open to a lot of different opportunities since you won't get many chances to live in these countries. Take advantage of the country and what the area has to offer.

Favorite Class Abroad: English literature since it combines history and literature. I also had an amazing teacher

Arjun is currently still abroad for the Spring 2022 semester in London, but he was kind of enough share his insight!

Joleil Whitney

Country: Ireland

School: University of Dublin

Favorite Thing about Abroad: Exploring the United Kingdom and Ireland when I didn't have too much homework

Area Recommendation: Grafton Street is fun! The Botanical is a great place to get away and there was a bus than ran there from campus

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Do your research on the area you're going too, get a VPN, Keep your US sim card in a old phone and don't lose it

Favorite Class Abroad: Popular Music and Culture

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Krtin Abroad.jpeg
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Country:  United Kingdom

School:  London School of Economics

Favorite Thing about Abroad:  Living in a city and exploring Europe

Area Recommendation: Covent Garden (Dishoom for Indian Food), Winter Wonderland (I went 5 times), Stay at Urbanest Westminister

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Think about what you want out of your experience before choosing your school - LSE has challenging curriculum with lots of studying.  Make the most out of your time abroad and travel on the weekends!

Favorite Class Abroad:  Econometrics, Databases

Krtin Juneja

Krtin is currently still abroad for the Spring 2022 semester in London, but he was kind of enough share his insight!

Kevin Gifford

Country: Spain

School: Comillas ICADE

Favorite Thing about Abroad: Traveling all over Europe because flights are relatively cheap compared to the US. 

Area Recommendation: Tangier Morocco - It's the most genuine and least touristy city I've ever been to. Puerto which is on the Portugal Coast is nice to!

Advice/Tips about Abroad: BE AWARE AND CAUTIOUS! It is not like home, and sometimes there are tactics to pickpocket you at night or in cities.

Favorite Class Abroad: Negotiations Techniques

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