The brothers of the Lambda Tau chapter have studied abroad in numerous places around the world, such as Europe, Asia, and Australia, and have gained invaluable skills that helped enhance their education and career opportunities. 

Check out some of our Brother's stories below and some tips/advice on studying abroad!


Abby Elowitch Abroad

Abby Elowitch

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

School: University of Glasgow

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Being able to experience a new culture and explore the country!

Area Recommendation: Do the KelticGinger tours! It's an amazing tour guide who shows you around some of the best parts of Scotland for the cheap prices!

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Do not be afraid to travel by yourself / meet up with people in other countries!

Favorite Class Abroad: Introduction to Scottish Culture

Jordan Mogul

Country: Singapore

School: Nanyang Technological University

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Being able to visit so many different countries in Asia!

Area Recommendation: It’s really great to travel to other countries, but make sure you spend time exploring the city as well! There’s so many fun places you can find just walking around.

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Use your time abroad to challenge yourself and do something new! There’s no better time to step out of your comfort zone.

Favorite Class Abroad: Images of Singapore: Literature, Film, and Culture

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Andrew Lai

Country: Rome, Italy

School: Lorenzo de' Medici

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

The food & traveling!

Area Recommendation: Explore, explore, explore! Don't hesitate to go somewhere new (whether it's the same or different city). It goes by faster than you think so if there's somewhere you want to travel don't somewhere you want to travel don't wait to do it. 

Advice/Tips about Abroad: The first week can seem hectic especially if you've never travelled by yourself, but just breathe and plan things out early

Favorite Class Abroad: Wine Business and Marketing

Kara Pasnault

Country: Singapore

School: Nanyang Technological University

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Being able to travel around Asia with new friends!

Area Recommendation: Go to the top of Marina Bay Sands! The view is crazy

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Make every day count, even if it’s something simple! You never know if something will limit your time abroad. Some of my favorite memories are just from wandering around the city after class. 

Favorite Class Abroad: Art & Architecture of the Long Century

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Vivian Xia

Country: Sydney, Australia

School: The University of South New Wales (UNSW)

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Cool people and honestly the weather, sun and beaches all day every day

Area Recommendation: Definitely let the locals show and recommend you to places to see or eat.

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Take advantage of what’s in front of you if that may be easy access to beaches or food!

Favorite Class Abroad: Premodern Japan

FALL 2019

Rachel Dobrzynski Abroad

Rachel Dobrzynski

Country: Rome, Italy

School: Internship Program

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds! I made some of my best friends abroad and we taught each other so much!

Area Recommendation: Try the "aperitivo" at different restaurants! Restaurants offer different drinks/food specialties around 7pm every night. 

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Make friends from different countries - super fulfilling meeting people outside of the Bentley bubble. 

Favorite Class Abroad: I was in an internship, so I took all my classes online with Bentley

Cory Vogel

Country: Switzerland

School: University of St. Gallen

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Meeting a ton of new people and traveling to 7 countries

Area Recommendation: There is a small square in Downtown St. Gallen that has a bunch of cool shops and amazing chocolate. 

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Step out of your comfort zone. My best memories were things I have never done before. 

Favorite Class Abroad: Real Estate Finance

Cory Vogel Abroad


Phoebe Donofrio-Ralls Abroad

Phoebe Donofrio-Ralls

Country: London, UK

School: King's College

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Being in walking distance of my apartment to so many iconic London sights!

Area Recommendation: Notting Hill was one of my favorite parts of being in London!

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Walk everywhere you can - it really helps you learn your city and feel like you're there!

Favorite Class Abroad: The perk of this program is that you have to take only one class!

Tara Sethi

Country: London, UK

School: EUSA Internship Program

Favorite Thing about Abroad: 

Exploring new areas with friends and biking through the city at night!

Area Recommendation: Eat great Northern Indian food at a restaurant called Punjab in the Covent Garden district

Advice/Tips about Abroad: Take advantage of good public transportation! It's usually more cost-effective and allows you to experience life as a local

Favorite Class Abroad: How Britain Works

Tara Sethi Abroad